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Solar Panels Outdoor Living
If you’re in Vancouver and itching to get outside as the weather starts to improve, you’re not alone. Between pandemic restrictions and a long winter cooped up inside, many of us are ready to spend more time outdoors and never come back in. More importantly, that feeling is starting to have an impact on home
Who to Finance a Home Renovation

8 Ways to Finance a Home Renovation

There are a variety of ways to invest in your home and finance a renovation but maybe there are a few ways that you have not thought of. 1) Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) One of the most popular ways to finance a reno is to use the equity in your home to get
White Kitchen Renovation Example | Blue Ladder Renovation Projects

How to Budget for Kitchen Renovation

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, you may have lots of big ideas. But before you move forward with your plans, you should create a renovation budget to ensure your project is feasible. Here are some tips for creating a budget for a kitchen renovation: Determine how much you can afford After you’ve decided
Home Renovation Trends | Open Space Living Room and Kitchen Renovations Vancouver | Blue Ladder Projects

Top Home Renovation Trends

Are you planning to renovate your home to improve its appearance and make it function better for you and your family? Or are you planning to sell and want to remodel to maximize the return on your investment? Whatever your reason is for renovating, here are some of the home renovation trends that will be
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Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

It’s easy to get inspired to renovate your home when you first move in but life often gets in the way and renovation project plans can fall by the wayside. Home renovations will not only help you enjoy your home more, but they may also increase the value of your home when it comes to
renovating your kitchen to sell a house | Blue Ladder Projects
If you are planning on renovating your home in preparation before selling, spending your budget in the right places will give you the biggest bang for your buck and help you save money. Here are some renovation tips: Remodel your kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home and is one of the first
Renovating Your Home During COVID
Please pardon the puns but often humour is a great way to break the ice during a stressful time. Here are five reasons to consider renovating your home during COVID this year. 1) Spend your travel money wisely, grasshopper Now is a great time to improve your living space and love where you live. Chances